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14. | Jan 4, 2014
Interesting! I only encountered the word pottolpyon for the first time the other day (in Anita Albus's book 'The Art of Arts' - whose title is itself pottolpyonic...)Are those tulips in the title print, I wonder? If so, that's a fairly early appearance for a flower that Clusius had supposedly first planted in the Netherlands in 1593.
15. | Jan 4, 2014
I cannot tell a lie, that really hedelp.
16. | Sep 19, 2013
That's a smart way of lonokig at the world.
17. | Sep 17, 2013
Aaron, that's a very good question and I can tell you - bcesuae I spent a lot of time looking around and remember very well - that it is a 'kind of' educated guess, not so much from the stylistic elements but from dates I noted in passing. I cannot point you to a web reference but I can tell you that late 1590s is probably solid. If it's wrong, it's not by much. Staedler's death was about 1600 and he copied from de Bry, if nothing else. But I suspect that earnest searching in subscription art sites or at a major library offline would be needed to confirm the date irrefutably.
18. | Sep 16, 2013
It's good to see someone thikning it through.
19. | Sep 1, 2013
And to think I was going to talk to sonemoe in person about this.
20. | Aug 29, 2013
When you think about it, that's got to be the right anewrs.
21. | Aug 29, 2013
Knocked my socks off with knowgedle!
22. | Jul 30, 2013
I started noicting my symptoms about 8-10 years ago and it always only happens during my menstrual period and the pain appears right before my bowel movements. The pain is so severe but as soon as I have my bowel movement, the pain disappears. The worst episode was right after I had my appendectomy in 2009, we went to Key West a few days after my surgery, I had my period while we were in Key West and the pain started while in the car on the way home from our vacation. The pain this time lasted for a few days. It is the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced and for a few days, I couldn't even sit at all and all I can do freeze & scream in horror as the pain arrives. I saw 3 doctors including my surgeon who did my appendectomy but no one could tell me what was wrong. The pain slowly resolved itself after a few days. I haven't had another episode until yesterday. This time around, the pain woke me up from a sound sleep, the pain started at end of my period and it lasted all day yesterday and this morning. I will be making an appointment to see my PCP so that I can be referred to whoever needs to see me to rule out other problems (I am definitely convinced that Proctalgia Fugax is what I got). Oddly enough, they seem to be a common problem to professionals, managers & perfectionists?. I was all that at one time when my symptoms first appeared. I've been a housewife with no children since 2005.I just wanted to share this information with you because I am 100% sure that this is my problem although I think I should see a professional to rule out other possible problems. My pain lasted all day yesterday. The pain subsided from 15 minute intervals to 30 minute intervals with the help of 2 Aleves, 1 glass of Fiber, 10mg Alprazolam & I slep on a heating pad (I did not take these meds all at same time. They were spread out throughout the day). Last night, I woke up twice in the middle of the night with the pain and I took 2 tabs of Tylenol at 5am. Had my 1 cup of coffee this morning and took my morning supplements. I had an attack prior to my first bowel movement of the day. I took 2 Aleves and so far it looks like the episodes had stopped. I only feel a mild residual pain right now. I will describe my pain as someone just shoved a samurai sword up my ass and is wiggling it around, a bowling ball is trying to get out of my ass, someone lit a dynamite and shoved it up my ass and it is exploding inside me. Bottom line it's huge a pain in the ass !DefinitionThe term “proctalgia fugax”, a Greek–Latin hybrid term was coined by Thaysen in 1935 [16], and the condition was more firmly defined then as1. Attacks that begin suddenly at irregular intervals during the day or night.2. Pain spontaneously disappears without leaving any ill effects except a quickly passing lassitude.3. The localization of the pain in the rectal region is always at the same place.4. The degree of pain is so severe that some patients feel faint during the attack (no shit! .5. The duration is short, continuing for only a very few minutes in most patients.6. The pains are very uncomfortable, often described as gnawing, aching or cramp-like.The pain has been reported to be precipitated by sexual intercourse, masturbation, stress, defaecation and menstruation although it can be largely without a trigger. Conversely, other authors report that it is independent of evacuation. There is also a great variation in the length of the pain from a few seconds to 2 h. The average duration has only been reported twice as 15 min and occurs less than five times per year in 51% of patients.Presently, it is very clearly defined by the Rome III Criteria as recurrent episodes of recurrent episodes of pain localised to the anus or lower rectum which last from seconds to minutes with no anorectal pain between episodes. Proctalgia fugax is differentiated from chronic proctal- gia, also a functional anorectal pain disorder based on duration, frequency and characteristic quality of pain. It is necessary to exclude other causes of anorectal pain such as haemorrhoids, cryptitis, ischaemia, intramuscular abscess or fissure, rectocele, malignancy and inflammation and to differentiate from other urogenital and pelvic pain disorders when making the diagnosis, and this can be done successfully with the criteria defined.
23. | Jul 29, 2013
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